Beware India SEO Scams Posing as US companies and How To Tell

7th Feb 2020
India SEO Scams and India SEO Companies Posing as US companies

Be careful of India SEO scams and India SEO companies pretending they are in the USA.

They will call with a Google Voice US number and the website will even say they have a USA office.

The #1 question you should ask any SEO company is "What have you ranked before" and take a look at results. Most companies haven't ranked hard keywords.

The other thing you need to watch out for is when they say they will rank 20 keywords for monthly.

The fact is you can't do 20 keywords of SEO for a certain price. You have to evaluate each keyword and the competition. A lawyer keyword for personal injury in a city vs. a local carpet cleaner is two different worlds. You would need to really work hard on that one keyword, let alone twenty. I get spammed all the time and even see my clients' contact forms with offers and it just makes me laugh. Luckily we have clients that brush that off and are already achieving results.

Last and most importantly, the Guaranteed SEO or money back. The fact is once you send money to India it's gone. You have no jurisdiction to ever get the money back. These people have already probably closed the Paypal account and started a new one.

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