Is Your Orlando Social Media Instagram Marketing Efforts to Follow the Maximum 7500?

Recently was working with an Orlando client who was coming from an alleged “social media influencer,” and they messaged this company saying they will grow their brand and pay them monthly, and they will do a great job. The social media influencer that took over this company account just kept following and following people until they reached the maximum that Instagram allows you to do, which is 7500. Following 7500 is a bad social media plan for your business. If you keep following people, sure some will follow you back, but who are these people, and how is that adding to your bottom line? You want to target people that are in tune with your brand and may become customers. Instead of adding 7500 in hopes some will follow you back, the better plan would be to create a concept with great content and keep it consistent. After you have an excellent feed and think this is something other people will enjoy or want to check out, you go after some local influencers and invite them to do something in exchange for a shoutout or something like that. You could also dabble in the Instagram ad space and attract new followers with a great picture, and ad or perhaps an Instagram only deal if they follow you. There are many types of businesses, so each type is different, so the Instagram marketing efforts should also be different based on your business.

If you are, however, doing the follow 7500 and cross fingers method, I would suggest stop because it’s a colossal waste of time. If you are in Orlando and looking for social media management, we have grown Instagram accounts from zero to over 40k contact us for more information.

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