Amit SEO - SEO For Real Estate Investors - India or Orlando? Hensel Media Facebook Ads? Buy Homes Cash Fast SEO

26th Aug 2021
Amit SEO - SEO For Real Estate Investors - India or Orlando?

I'm trying to get to the bottom of what is a scam and what is real. We all know that some of these people get a thousand dollars to refer you into some pyramid schemes about online marketing. There is a Facebook group called:

Marketing Agency Secrets (Taking Agency Owners From ZERO to 7 Figures)

In it, you have these people posting success stories (allegedly) about making a ton of money and have websites with testimonials and such. One was from this Hensel Media

Hensel Media
Esteban of Hensel Media

Now, if you go to his website Hensel Media, he has testimonials. One is from this Jesse Wyatt:

Jesse Wyatt Real estate investing jacksonville seo
Jesse Wyatt Real estate investing SEO

This guy seems legit and gives a good testimonial for Hensel Media and stuff, but if you scroll to the bottom of the website, you will notice a different company does his SEO:

Amit SEO
Jesse Wyatt Real Estate Investor Website SEO by Amit

Now, I'm curious because I'm in the SEO game and, of course, #1 when you google "ORLANDO SEO," so when I go to the page and see "Orlando" office (allegedly), no street number. I want to find out what is up.

Amit Orlando SEO
Amit Allegedly having SEO in Orlando with no street number

Now, if this Jesse Wyatt is using Amit for SEO, and Amit has testimonials from Real Estate Investors for his SEO results, why wouldn't Jesse use Amit for his Facebook ads as well? It states on the page that Amit does Facebook Ads:

Real Estate Investing SEO
Amit Stating Facebook Ads He Does

This is seriously ridiculous with all these online marketers now in these Facebook groups trying to schedule calls and saying they have some secret sauce for getting leads using Facebook ads and stuff. The other part of the problem is some of these people are only looking for the affiliate marketing and getting thousand of dollars to refer someone to these people and make them spend a couple of grand upfront for "coaching" when half these people in these Facebook groups don't know anything or how to coach. They bought in and got sold themselves, and the way to recoup the money is to try to bring other people in and get money back by leaving fake reviews and testimonials for others. Nobody wants to believe they got scammed, and that is why you always have to earn disclaimers on websites like these. They will back it up if you didn't follow the steps or didn't work hard enough. The fact of the matter is it all boils down to a couple of things, proven results on SEO. If you are a real estate investor and need SEO - let's take this Jesse Wyatt, for example; he is giving testimonials and paying Amit for SEO, right? Well, let's google "Jacksonville, i buy your house cash" - do you see his company on page one? Not at all. We have proven SEO results, and that is why we are #1; when you google "Orlando SEO," you will never find Hensel media on page one for "real estate marketing" or "real estate investors Facebook ads" or natural keywords ever. They say they know SEO, but they actually do NOT! They want your money upfront to allegedly coach you or take your money and run Facebook ads. Do you want someone to run Facebook ads for you? We charge $199/mo to manage your Facebook or Google Adwords campaigns. No coaching. No bogus crap. Proven results with millions in sales for our clients. Contact us today!

Again if you want to spend 10k on Ads with Adwords of Facebook - I will help you just as much if not WAY MORE than these people.

Adwords buy homes cash seo
Spend 10k in Adwords or Facebook Ads you think you won't get a lead?