Digital Vertex ( Spam SEO Web Design Your Contact Form - Breaking Down Bad Reviews

2nd Sep 2021

This video shows this Lisa Romanello of - the way the company spams emails and offers free mock-up web design will never follow through. Quick Email search of the company and founder shows yelp complaints and more. Stay Tuned For Part 2. where it shows this, Lisa ripped off people under a different company name but now has changed the name to Digital Vertex.



Digital Vertex Lisa Romanello formerly of LR Designing - Complaints Board and Scam Reviews Part 2

We found additional information about LR Designing Lisa Romanello's previous web firm that allegedly scammed many people out of money and perhaps used that money to get a bunk expertise qualification anyone can pay for. Also, some of the portfolio in Digital Vertex are false, and I have fact-checked that with websites that appear in her portfolio that was not done by Digital vertex.