Instagram Paid Shoutout by ElegantmDelux - Fake Likes - Waste of Money

13th Jun 2021

Recently was approached by Nina from ElegantmDelux and asking if I wanted to pay for a shoutout on their Instagram page. I checked out the page, and they look like they bought the most likes and follows. You don't see much engagement with comments on posts. The fact they are hitting me up is ridiculous. I am going to put an SEO post up on this page and get clients? It's absolute nonsense. If you think this is the way to grow, your Instagram follows you in the wrong direction. Contact us if you need help with Instagram growth. We have taken clients from 0 to over 50k real followers and plenty of engagement. 

Here was the email post from ElegantmDelux FYI:

I am very happy you got back to me :)

Over time, we have delivered several sponsored shoutouts, and the results were terrific. And I know you will get amazing results if you get a shoutout from us.
After seeing your Instagram profile, I know you will get the guaranteed results, and this is why I am contacting you. I know many of our more than 120000 followers will love your stunning photos.
I promise you will get at least 500 new real followers if we post just one of your pictures. If we post 3 pictures, you will get more than 1500 new followers, and if we post 7, you will get more than 3500 new followers!

If you do not gain this number of followers, I will give you a full refund.

Here are our packages. Our prices are discounted a lot right now and we recommend 3 or 7 shoutouts because it will give you the best results and value:
1 shoutout - $39 (500 Followers) (normal price $59)
3 shoutouts - $79 (1500 Followers) (normal price $119)
7 shoutouts - $159 (3500 Followers) (normal price $229)

Your pictures will be uploaded on @ElegantmDelux as soon as possible; within the next 24 hours. If your choice is the 3 or 7 shoutouts option, one picture will go up per day, to get the best results. You will start getting the new followers immediately after I upload your picture, and I guarantee you will have them all within 24 hours after each post. With a shoutout from us, I am confident you will get great results, and your Instagram account will get the right exposure it deserves.

All you need to do is to send me your pictures here on email, and let me know which package you prefer. We do receive payments via paypal, so I will send the contract and invoice there.

Let us start as soon as possible as our prices are very cheap at the moment :)

Best Regards,
Nina from ElegantmDelux