Top Reasons Your Orlando Website Design Does Not Get Traffic or Rank High on Google

15th Nov 2021
Orlando SEO

1. Your Website Lacks SEO Tasks

Launching a new website will have a massive impact on your search engine rankings. You can take several steps to limit those impacts, but companies often forget to engage in these critical steps. 

You've already put some equity into building a search presence. Even if you aren't ranking as well as you'd like and one of your big goals for your website redesign project is to fix that, you have to focus on preserving what you've built with your website.

Understand that maintaining your website's SEO value is essential no matter how well you're currently ranking. You could lose as much as 50 percent of your organic traffic if you leave out this step.

Preserving your SEO value takes some expertise. It's a good idea to look into specialists who understand SEO and are ranked #1 for "Orlando SEO." Orlando SEO Group can help you with your current or build your following website.

2. You Plan to Hire a Website Development Firm and Not a Marketing Firm

Standalone website development firms lack a crucial understanding of digital marketing and how your website fits into a whole digital marketing strategy. While a website development firm can complete the redesign, they likely won't ask you important questions about your overall digital process.

That's the great benefit of hiring a full-service SEO firm that can aid you in developing a lead generation, content marketing, and online strategy that comes together to make your marketing efforts worthwhile. 

If you're guilty of these common pitfalls of a website redesign project, Contact Orlando SEO Group! We can help you get your project back on track and aid you in goal-setting exercises that ensure the best outcome for your project.