Why is Orlando SEO the best Orlando Marketing Agency? We Will Never Spam like MyCitySocial.com

2nd Sep 2021

We are the best for Orlando Marketing Agency because marketing is all about SEO these days. Everyone is looking on Google quick for reviews and research. Coming up top and putting your business website at the top is the best marketing you can do.

This company that says they are the company that Orlando locals trust for Orlando Marketing Agency this MyCitySocial.com really rubbed me wrong with the reach out to my website. First, the informal Gmail account shows this is spam, and they are putting in the website and sending the same email repeatedly that you see above. My City Social didn't spend a ton of time on my website, and they have no suggestions unless I reply, and that is when they go to a website that will split out a report and try to schedule a meeting. My City Social uses the "face to face meeting" headline because people and businesses that have a website get this spam all the time from India and scams. The face-to-face meeting makes it seem like they will be legit and really try to help you, but the practice of spamming is what got me mad. They said they were on my website and had suggestions; I replied, okay, let's see the suggestions? Of course, I don't hear back and want a face-to-face meeting to go over the suggestions. Maybe I'll meet them.....stay tuned...Let's see if they reply.

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