Is Your Orlando Foodie Likes and Views on Instagram Turning into Your Restaurant Making Money or New Customers?

8th Sep 2021

We follow many people on social media, and it seems everyone these days is a "foodie" and takes pictures of their food, and tags the location. Many foodies I hear will reach out and ask for free food in exchange for posts. It's not like the restaurants are not hurting after the pandemic, and people are not want to go back to work that they have to give away free food to show up on some Instagram foodie post. What I want to know is do these posts turn into restaurants making money or customers. Let's face it if you have 100k views on a video, but you don't get any business or new customers from it, please tell me what the point is? I would instead engage ten people, and one of those turns into a customer with a hundred thousand views from people who don't even live in the same city. 


I also find hashtags being used incredibly wrong, like a local restaurant will hashtag #pizza or something - you have to stay local on hashtags #orlandopizza would be far more engaging to someone looking for pizza in that area than just the broad word "pizza" who could be some kid in China looking and liking pizza pictures bored at school. Are you catching my drift? 

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