Top Reasons Your Orlando Website Design Does Not Get Traffic or Rank High on Google

15th Nov 2021

1. Your Website Lacks SEO Tasks

Launching a new website will have a massive impact on your search engine rankings. You can take several steps to limit those impacts, but companies often forget to engage in these critical steps. 

You've already put some equity into building a search presence. Even if you aren't ranking as well as you'd like and one of your big goals for your website redesign project is to fix that, you have to focus on preserving what you've built with your website.

How much does Orlando SEO Cost and How Much Do You Charge? Buying Bad Links to my Website!

9th Nov 2021

Nobody can tell you how much SEO costs and how long it will take you to be #1 unless they work at The keywords and your competition are the main things, and of course, linking to your website. A lot of business owners simply buy bad backlinks and end up hurting more than helping their website. You have to think of your website as the authority for what you are in the business space. This will help Google rank you highly and, of course, quality back links. If you have horrible back links, you need to disavow those links immediately.

Breaking Down The Jason Wojo - Facebook Ad Genius or Fiverr Con Artist? Our Opinion = SCAM

9th Sep 2021

I don't know how I came across this bozo named Jason Wojo, but here is a video breaking down the information about what he does, what he is selling, and the reviews, et cetera. In our opinion, this kid is a clown, and if you listen to him, you should check yourself into an insane asylum.

#1 Orlando Local SEO Company | Get The Clicks - - Are They Really #1 Orlando SEO?

9th Sep 2021

I don't know why the "get the clicks" company put #1 Orlando local SEO company in the page title. What makes them #1? Did they win an award for google rankings we are not aware of to be named number one?

Thrive Agency - ORLANDO LOCAL SEO COMPANY Providing SEO Solutions To Make Your Business Stand Out

9th Sep 2021

This Thrive Agency has us beat for the #1 spot on Google for the "Orlando SEO" google ranking. We were #1, but they are now edging us out, and we are hoping we get the love from Google soon for the #1 ranking again. We don't like being runners up lol.

trignosoft india seo scam company - NEVER PAY UPFRONT FOR SEO SERVICES OUT OF THE USA!

8th Sep 2021

I can't express this to you enough - NEVER PAY UPFRONT TO SEO companies in other countries. This company scammed someone from the US, and they have no way to get money back. Only work with US-based companies and companies that have connections to India like us. Still, you are paying within the states because your website and everything jurisdiction are the USA. No jurisdiction outside it; you pay, and they run off or don't email back or do something, you are screwed! Never send money outside the USA until work is done, or use an escrow agent!

Opinion: UpCity SEO Yearly Membership Rip Off - No Leads - Do SEO Yourself & Save Money

8th Sep 2021

This is the email from In my opinion, this directory or listing company is a rip-off. I had this guy from up city hitting me up about yearly membership on the website and kept pressing me. I finally gave in and said I'm in for $100/mo, knowing this guy or just has to hit a button to upgrade my listing.