The Ulitmate Spam Scam List of India SEO Companies - BEWARE!

15th Oct 2021

Instead of doing each SEO company blog about India SEO companies that spam you and are trying to scam you, I figured I would make one list here and update it with all the crap I get. Every day it's new spam with "Do you need SEO" and "You are not ranking" when in fact, we are #1 for "Orlando SEO" google searches, and these people are spambots looking for leads. They spam your contact forms and emails, and it's sickening. These people are scam artists, and the best with SEO is because they can scam you for months and say it's SEO because we all know SEO takes months to see results.

trignosoft india seo scam company - NEVER PAY UPFRONT FOR SEO SERVICES OUT OF THE USA!

8th Sep 2021

I can't express this to you enough - NEVER PAY UPFRONT TO SEO companies in other countries. This company scammed someone from the US, and they have no way to get money back. Only work with US-based companies and companies that have connections to India like us. Still, you are paying within the states because your website and everything jurisdiction are the USA. No jurisdiction outside it; you pay, and they run off or don't email back or do something, you are screwed! Never send money outside the USA until work is done, or use an escrow agent! Fake SEO Video Testimonials on Website - Scam India SEO company - Beware Fake SEO Review

8th Sep 2021

Here is a video breaking down this and its website showing fake testimonials from a woman on that does this for money. She is not a customer and did not do any SEO work with, and here you have proof. - iquincesoft another spam scam India SEO Company - Steal Money No Work Done

2nd Sep 2021

As you know, we always like to write up our spammers, so here we go again with - iquincesoft another spam scam India SEO Company - Steal Money No Work Done - wasn't hard to find a review real quick about how they stole money for a web design and never delivered. This goes back to my previous blogs about NEVER send money outside of the USA for SEO or Web Design. Put it in escrow, or put it in something where you can get the work done or pay AFTER completion. You will lose your money anytime you send money outside the USA.

Is Website Load Speed For SEO a Myth? India SEO Spam - Reach Local SEO Sales Pitches Why Not Ranking

29th Aug 2021

Today we are breaking down a couple of things in this video. We constantly get spammed with SEO from our contact forms about what these spam companies can do for our SEO. It's mainly SEO spam from India companies that are finding non-captcha contact forms and sending this spam. - can't even keep SSL active do not trust them with SEO

25th Aug 2021 is another scam India SEO company that you should stay far away. I've said this in previous blogs, and I can't state it enough DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH COMPANIES IN OTHER COUNTRIES FOR YOUR USA SEO. Too many red flags will occur. They will buy terrible backlinks (black hat SEO) and provide content that is not in English or understandable to a consumer. You have no recourse to getting money back because you can't sue them or take them to court. You are giving access to your website to someone you never met and could easily hack it or plant viruses.

iMark Infotech Pvt. Ltd. another India SEO Scam Company - Lies on Reviews

18th Aug 2021

iMark Infotech Pvt. Ltd., another India SEO Scam Company 

The company spams your contact forms looking for SEO work.'s website is well done, and they know how to build, and I'm sure they have good talent in India that can help. However, the video testimonials are fake and paid for on, and the reviews you can see on the website are lying. A simple google search shows that the information on the website is a complete lie vs. what is actually said on Google. is another spam/scam fake India SEO Company - PROOF!

8th Aug 2021

This company spam my contact form, and then I look at the website and I said that girl looks familiar. They are saying she is a client but they paid for her on to do a video. Not a client. If they are going to lie to you about who their clients are, what else are they going to do? Guess what STEAL YOUR MONEY! Once you send money outside the USA to INDIA your money is gone. There is no court system where you can get that money back. Be careful when dealing with spam/scam India SEO Companies.

Beware India SEO Scams Posing as US companies and How To Tell

7th Feb 2020

Be careful of India SEO scams and India SEO companies pretending they are in the USA.

They will call with a Google Voice US number and the website will even say they have a USA office.

The #1 question you should ask any SEO company is "What have you ranked before" and take a look at results. Most companies haven't ranked hard keywords.