Orlando SEO Group response to New Lead Looking for Real Estate SEO for One-Page Wordpress Theme

26th Jun 2021

We had a lead for a company that had a one-page WordPress theme website. The one-page menu item click sends you down the homepage to the correct area. These websites are great for Google Adwords pay-per-click, but one-page websites will not organically rank well on Google. We recommended to this company about adding a blog and areas we serve map. Blogs significantly increase your visibility online when you provide great content. Remember, content is king when it comes to SEO. Also, making areas we serve page is a great way to add location SEO to your website.

Fake Video Reviews Of Products and Services on the Internet Proof

23rd Jun 2021

Here we paid someone on fiverr.com to do a fake video testimonial for our website. We have never done business with them or know who he is. We did this to show you because so many things exist now about stay-at-home opportunities or people killing it online when most of it is not real, or the people doing the fake videos get a commission to bring you in or something. We wanted to expose this to you and make sure you know what is legit and what is not. If you ever find yourself in a situation and need good internet SEO help or marketing, don't hesitate to contact us.

How much is Great Video From Chamber Media - Travis Chambers Company

15th Jun 2021

Chamber Media and Travis Chambers pop up all the time on my Facebook News Feed now, and the video they offer is amazing! I inquired about the cost, and I got the low down on the options, and they are below. Great video and Facebook ads can help you sell for sure, but don't ever overlook the value in Search Engine Optimization and having your website top of Google when people are searching for your keywords. That is what we do, and combine that with great video ads, and your business will be ready to succeed! 

Is Tyler Narducci and Sobe Viral - The Done For Your Digital Agency a Scam?

14th Jun 2021

Calling out SearchBerg.com about False and Ridiculous SEO Claims on website

14th Jun 2021

I like to look at people ranking for "Orlando SEO" because obviously, that is one of the main keywords we want to be on top of Google. When you google that we are on page one organically, you see other companies buying ads for this keyword—paying for these clicks. One of the companies paying for clicks is SearchBerg.com, and I wanted to blog about this because I saw some ridiculous claims on the website and false things that cannot be true.

Instagram Paid Shoutout by ElegantmDelux - Fake Likes - Waste of Money

13th Jun 2021

Recently was approached by Nina from ElegantmDelux and asking if I wanted to pay for a shoutout on their Instagram page. I checked out the page, and they look like they bought the most likes and follows. You don't see much engagement with comments on posts. The fact they are hitting me up is ridiculous. I am going to put an SEO post up on this page and get clients? It's absolute nonsense. If you think this is the way to grow, your Instagram follows you in the wrong direction. Contact us if you need help with Instagram growth.

Free Enterprise on ABC Talks SEO For Coffee Company Owner Now her SEO Tracking is HUGE! Here is Why!

19th Apr 2021

ABC does a great show named Free Enterprise for Entrepreneurs who are ex-inmates trying to turn a life around. Today the show was about Claudia Shivers of Queen Coffee Bean. The show brought on a great expert who knew what he was talking about. He touched on three essentials of SEO; although there are many more, the three he touched on the biggest.

Here is the video:

Your New Secret Weapon Josh Cohen Absolutely Scam

17th Apr 2021

I get a lot of spam, but I had to take a moment to give this one a blog; it was so despicable. This guy Josh Cohen sends me this contact form. His website is www.YourNewSecretWeapon.com, and he says he has developed software that automatically fills out contact forms. Okay, great, so I look at his youtube video, and he literally is typing in how own information. LOL, if you had the software, would you demonstrate the actual software automatically doing contact forms. He wants 5 cents a form and 5000 he says he can do. Absolutely a scam; this was so funny I had to blog about it.